Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Alvin Roy's Jazz band - True Blue / You'll Miss Me Someday

This record came from one of the Epsom Charity shops a couple of weeks ago, apologies I have managed to lose the scan of the "B" side.  

Alvin Roy's Jazz band - True Blue

Alvin Roy's Jazz band - You'll Miss Me Someday

Dr. Marigold's - Friend Of Mine / In Your Own Sweet Way

Released in 1972 this record was not a hit in the UK.

Dr. Marigold's - Friend Of Mine

Dr. Marigold's - In Your Own Sweet Way

Sundae Times - Live Today / Take Me Higher Baby

I have no information about this 1969 release, I can not recall ever hearing in played on the radio.

Sundae Times  - Live Today

Sundae Times  - Take Me Higher Baby

Adam West - Miranda / Only You see Her

This is from the mid to late 60's when Adam West was playing Batman in the TV series,  I do not know if this was released in the UK.

Burt Ward who played Robin in this Batman series also released a single of "Orange Coloured Sky" this is more scarce then the Adam West release I have yet to find a copy.

Adam West - Miranda

Adam West - Only You see Her

Nina And Frederik

Released August 1961.

Bury Me Where She Passes

My Pet Parakeet

Triste Vida (Goajiro)