Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Jay North - The Animal Fair / Little Boy Blues

Released 1959, Jay North featured in the 1959 American TV series "Dennis The Menace" in the UK the series was retitled "Dennis The Pickle" as there was a "Dennis The Menace" in the Beano and many people thought it was the Beano character. 
The two cartoons are of similar age the American strip started March 12th March 1951,
The British "Dennis The Menace" first saw the light of day in the Beano issued on  7th Match 1951 though dated 17th March 1951.
It was 1996 before the British Dennis got a TV break the American version having both live and animated  series and a number of films.

Jay North - The Animal Fair 

Jay North - Little Boy Blues

Monday, 31 August 2015

'Enry Tankard - Sweet Polyanna / Short Time Livin'

This 1971 release is the only record by 'Enery Tankard and the penultimate record on the Domino label.

It has been pouring with rain this morning so no Boot Sale today.

 'Enry Tankard - Sweet Polyanna 

'Enry Tankard - Short Time Livin'

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Ted Heath And His Music Vol.2

Released 1955 in 1955 Ted Heath released 6 singles and 6 EP's.

Tomorrow it is the last major Boot Sale of the year the weather looks a bit dodgy if it is raining I probably will not bother to go.

Blue Skies March

Colonel Bogey

Saxaphone Mambo (Featuring Leslie Gilbert - Alto Sax.)


Bud Ashton And His Group - Atlantis / Hank Rogers - Deck Of Cards

This 1963 record is the only outing for Hank Rogers on Embassy.

Bud Ashton And His Group - Atlantis 

Hank Rogers - Deck Of Cards

Nomads - The Singer Sang His Song / Lovin' Him

This record like the original Bee Gees release of  "The Singer Sang His Song" passed me by I first came across this version on the CD "Maybe Some One Is Digging Underground" and put it on my wants list last week a copy finally  showed up.

Nomads - The Singer Sang His Song 

Nomads - Lovin' Him