Monday, 2 March 2015

Sarah Gordon And Bondage - If I Linger A Little Longer / Martin Luther And John

This 1972 release is the only release for Sarah Gordon And Bondage, I have been unable to find any further details about this record.
Apologies this record is not in the best of condition.

Sarah Gordon And Bondage - If I Linger A Little Longer

Sarah Gordon And Bondage - Martin Luther And John

A.L. Lloyd And Ewan MacColl - Gamblers And Sporting Blades

Released 1962 Topic was a bit of a specialist label not that many records on the Topic label turn up at Boot Sales.

The Oxfam shop in the village closed down on Saturday it was the source of a few 45's the other charity shop has rarely had any 45's and when they have had some they were somewhat pricey.
A trip into Epsom during the week I went in all the Charity Shops I managed to find 6 45's  records are getting harder to find, I was told that the they hope to start the Hook Road Boot Sales mid March but looking at the site at the moment it is waterlogged  and not fit for use.

1. A.L. Lloyd - Skewball

2. A.L. Lloyd - Heanan And Sayers

3. A.L. Lloyd - Gambling Boy

4. Ewen MacColl - Reynard The Fox

5. Ewen MacColl - Morrissey And The Russian Sailor

The Little Marvel - Sally's Come Back / Faust Waltz (Xylophone Solo)

The Little Marvel was one of Woolworth's own record labels in the 1920's this is a 5 1/2 inch record they were issued between 1920-1923 when the format was changes 6 inch they play at 80 rpm in the recent batch I have 2 records on the Little Marvel label and 1 on another Woolworth's label Mimosa this label was discontinued some time in the mid 1920's possibly 1926. I also have 2 51/2 inch records on the Oliver Label but can find no information about them both feature the Oliver Band.
The format was a copyright song on the "A" side for witch a 1/2d fee was paid and a stamp to say the fee had been paid was fixed on the label the "B" side would be a non copyright tune.

After 90 years the recordings sound a bit rough.

The Little Marvel - Sally's Come Back

The Little Marvel - Faust Waltz (Xylophone Solo)

Ten Wheel Drive With Genya Raven - Morning Much Better / Stay With Me

Ten Wheel Drive were active between 1968-1974 they released 4 albums, in the USA they released 3 singles in the UK this looks to be their only single.

Ten Wheel Drive With Genya Raven  - Morning Much Better 

Ten Wheel Drive With Genya Raven  - Stay With Me

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Prairie Chiefs - Gunsmoke / Whoopee Ti-Yi-Yo

Released March 1958 the last of 3 singles by the Prairie Chiefs one if their tracks had a UK release on the Wagon Train EP. 
When I was young Gunsmoke was watched by all the kids at the school I went to, the series ran from 1952 -1961 on radio and 1955 - 1975 on television it is still being show on satellite TV.

Prairie Chiefs - Gunsmoke

Prairie Chiefs - Whoopee Ti-Yi-Yo