Sunday, 27 July 2014

Party Dances - Phil Tate & His Party Band

A 1967 re-issue on CBS of a 1961 Oriole release, somewhere I have a copy of the original record this record came from a Torbay Charity Shop earlier this month.
You can just see the original price of 11/7 (58p) in pencil on the left hand side of the rear cover.


The Conga

Hokey Cokey

Gay Gordons:- Cock Of The North, Scotland The Brave, The Campbells Are Coming

Peter Skellern - Still Magic / Sleepy Guitar

Released 1973.

All of the singles posted today have come from the same source and are not in the best of condition having been stored for almost 40 years without sleeves.

Peter Skellern - Still Magic

Peter Skellern - Sleepy Guitar

Belles - Don't Pretend / Words Can't Explain

The original was released 1970 this is a re-issue from 1975 this group called the Belles came from Los Angeles, this is their only single.

Belles - Don't Pretend

Belles - Words Can't Explain

Valarie Savage - In The Morning / My Doggie

I can find no information about Valarie Savage this 1972 release is her only record single.

Valarie Savage - In The Morning

Valarie Savage - My Doggie

Peter Law - If We Are So In Love / That's The Way Of My Woman

This 1972 release is the 3rd of 5 singles by Peter Law, he dad 2 releases on Major Minor in 1968 then 3 on the Columbia Label in 1972-73.

Peter Law - If We Are So In Love 

Peter Law - That's The Way Of My Woman

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Eileen Donaghy - Barney Brannigan / Slieve Gallon Braes

Released November 1959 though it has 1958 as the release date on the label Eileen Donaghy released 12 singles and 19 EP's between 1959-1963.

Eileen Donaghy - Barney Brannigan

Eileen Donaghy - Slieve Gallon Braes 

Friends Of St Francis - The Man Who Turned On The World / How Is The World Today

Released 1974 that is all the information I have.

Friends Of St Francis -The Man Who Turned On The World

Friends Of St Francis - How Is The World Today

I Hope This Does Not Give Madam Idea's

On Monday this came through the door with the usual Take Away Food Offers, I hope it has not given Madam any idea's about selling my record collection.

This person now sells records at Hook Road Boot Sales I have not brought ant records from him (Yet?) I have looked many of the records are in poor condition and are overpriced.