Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bishops - They Can't Make Me Stop Loving You / Out Of Sight

This 1965 record did not have a UK release, it was first issued in January with the "B" side  "Every Time I Draw My Iron" it was re-issued in September with "Out Of Sight" on the "B" side.

 Bishops -They Can't Make Me Stop Loving You

Bishops - Out Of Sight

Lee Michaels - Heighty Hi / Want My Baby

The first of 3 45's for Lee Michaels in the UK the program on the PC to straighten the scans worked on the "Advance Promotion Copy" I changed it to have the title straight at the two sets of text are at an angle to each other.

Lee Michaels - Heighty Hi 

Lee Michaels - Want My Baby

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Gary & Dave - It Might As Well Rain Until September / I Fell In Love With You Sometime

I can not recall ever hearing this record it is the second of 2 45's by Gary & Dave, the record was issued on 25th May 1974 In March of that year I started to work nights and did not listen much to the radio, I would work permanent nights for the next 18 years.

Sunday's Boot Sale was smaller than usual there was no rain until Sunday evening but the recent heavy rain has left the area very soft, slippery and muddy with some area's under water I would not be surprised if the remaining Boot Sales were cancelled.

Gary & Dave - It Might As Well Rain Until September 

Gary & Dave - I Fell In Love With You Sometime

Stargazers - Three Beautiful Words / Manhattan Spiritual

A 1960 release for the Stargazers their first release on a 45 was in 1954, six years later this would be their last.  

Stargazers - Three Beautiful Words

Stargazers - Manhattan Spiritual

Mantovani & His Orchestra - Upstairs Downstairs / Theme For A Western

Upstairs Downstairs was first shown in 1971, this single was issued in late 1973.

This record is in poor condition.

Mantovani & His Orchestra - Upstairs Downstairs 

Mantovani & His Orchestra - Theme For A Western