Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Dave King - Love Is A Golden Ring / If Your Heart Wants To Dance


Released May 1957.

Dave King - Love Is A Golden Ring

Dave King - If Your Heart Wants To Dance

Monday, 12 October 2015

Exuma - We Got To Go / Zandoo

A 1971 release I have no information about, I can not recall ever hearing this record played on the radio or Juke Box, it is unlikely that I would have brought this record when it was first released.

Some more of the posts that DivShare lost dispute their claim that the posts would be there in perpetuity at the present there are 4,583 tracks from the past 5 years to re-post a few I can not find the original track there were a few lost when my portable drive ended up in Muffins water bowl I managed to upload most onto a new drive before it died but lost  a few tracks I will check the older drives that have not been used since I changed my PC.

Exuma - We Got To Go

 Exuma - Zandoo

Mammoth Gavioli Fair Organ - All The Fun Of The Fair


Living in Hampton during the 1960's at Easter, Whitsun and August Bank Holidays there was always a Fair on Hampton Court Green one of the Carosells had a Fairground Organ but this was usually drowned out by the sound systems on the Dogem Cars the records I can remember always being played were "Joe South - Games People Play", "Ester And Abi Ofarim - Cinderella Rockafella" & "Zeager And Evens - In The Year 2525" It always sounded as if the woman anoucing the ride was over and telling the new riders to get in the cars always sounded as if she had her mouth stuffed with cotton wool you could not make out what she was saying.
Thimes have changed and the Fair is only held there over Easter the last time I was there was over 10 years ago.

All The Fun Of The Fair Side 1.
Oh, You Beautiful Doll, Put Me Amongst The Girls, Wot Cher! (Knock 'Em Out In The Old Kent Road), Who Were You Out With Last Night, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside, Ship Ahoy

All The Fun Of The Fair Side 2.
 Oh; Listen To The Band, Down At The Old Bull And Bush, Daisy Bell, The Man Who Broke the Bank At Monte Carlo, Lily Of Laguna O Mister Porter.

Jeremy Taylor - Ag Pleez Deddy / Jo'burg Talking Blues

Warning This Record May Offend

I first came across this record a couple of years ago this is an original South African pressing, it was issued in the UK on Decca, the first copy I found was pressed in Southern Rhodesia, the meaning and use of some words has changed over the years this record falls foul with "Nigger Balls" I have no idea what they are but I tend to think they may be Aniseed Balls.
When I was young my mothers mother always knitted each of her grand children a Jumper/Cardigan for Christmas one year in the colour chart was a rich dark brown called Niger it stood out a mile from the greens, greys & beige's, she said funny that was the colour my Cousin Nigel had chosen.

This record still retains it's original cover I love the name of the firm who Originally sold it, " Shankardass& Sons".

Jeremy Taylor - Ag Pleez Deddy

Jeremy Taylor - Jo'burg Talking Blues

The record was re-issued much later on the PYE label with the offending words changed.

Jeremy Taylor - Ag Pleez Deddy (Revised)

Dick Biondi - The Pizza Song / Knock Knock

Dick Biondi went on the become a well known DJ in the USA this record is from 1961 and it sold in the region of 11,000 copies. It is unlikely that this record had a UK release as Pizza was virtually unknown in the UK until the very late 1960,s early 70's. There is also mention that this song was the inspiration for the Tom Glazier song "On Top Of Spaghetti" a short time ago I posted a version of "On Top Of Spaghetti" by "Sharon And The Lollipops" some one said that it was a 1961 release Tom Glazier released his version in 1963. The Sharon and the Lollipops version has Sharon Ruth as the composer, the Tom Glazier version has Tom Glazier as the composer.

Dick Biondi - The Pizza Song

Dick Biondi - Knock Knock